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What Our Customers
Are Saying...
“We've used a lot of Lindner 684 in our program depending on the hog, being able to keep one with enough flesh and condition to run the jackpot shows and into the end point it has been a great product for us!”
Baxter Howell
“Really like the 680 series for ease of use. Advantages include adding depth and dimension to gilts that are a little harder bodied. ”
Karl Peter
“Consumption rate is tremendous, growth rate has been good for us, and it gets them off to a really good start, and enables us to get pigs ready to sell at 6-8 weeks in order to perform for our customers.”
Ben Moyer
“Really have liked the consumption and driven appetite. Haven’t seen a feed where they consume and want to eat as much as we have seen with 688. ”
Shane Brinning
“There are a bunch of choices out there for feeds but you have to feed something that works, Lindner United is the feed that gets it done from weaning to taking pictures at the backdrop!”
Travis Platt
“Lifesaver, to us, is a show day, electrolyte supplement that really puts body and fill in one to give them that extra edge and show day look. We also use it in daily feeding to help increase appetite. ”
Alan Hoffman
“TNT enhances rib shape, flank, and body. Palatability in this top dress really makes hogs go to it.”
Matt Miller
“I constantly get asked what we do at Team Sloan to get our hogs ready to sell. I always tell people it is very simple, fresh wood shavings and 612. No question, this is the best starter I have used to get babies bloomy without giving them a hard look. ”
Troy Sloan
“684 is the absolute best finishing feed I have found for hogs that need to be softened up while maintaining adequate muscle shape and continuing to grow. Consumption on this particular feed is second to none, especially when fed wet, and in today's show ring that's an absolute must! ”
Troy Sloan

The Lindner United Blog

Wow. What a summer it has been. This opportunity has been the most unbelievable experience I have ever had, and for that, I thank the crews at Lindner United and JBS United for this incredible experience!

The past two weeks have been very busy as my time as the 2017 Lindner United intern came to a close. Between sending out multiple packages to dealers I had spoken to, to packaging up rewards submissions from numerous winners that have been Lindner United fed, I managed to stay busy.

As I wrapped up my final week, I was fortunate enough to spend it at the great Indiana State Fair. There is no other place and event quite like it, and it truly was a great time. While there, I was able to help the Certified Indiana Bred program where they gave $68,000 in rewards to Indiana bred hogs. Truly is a great program for the kids, and gives so much more incentive to buy hogs raised in that great state. Additionally, congratulations to Lindner United customers who found success, and the best of luck to the customers and gilt exhibitors who move in this week, and breeding hogs in the following week.

Again, this summer has been incredible. I am not sure if the thanks can actually be put into words, as so much is owed to so many for this opportunity. Some special thank you remarks are well deserved, however.

To the entire Lindner United crew: Taylor, Jordan, Kade, Mike, Ty and Zach. Thank you so much for taking me in on the team and giving me so much knowledge, wise words of wisdom and the patience towards me, mean so much. The skills I’ve gained will aid me to being successful no matter where I go in life. Two words can’t be said enough. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

To the customers, dealers and people who I’ve had the opportunity to meet this summer, it is ultimately because of you that I got to do what I did this summer, and made it so enjoyable. To you, I thank you so much.

As I bring this to a close, to everyone that has helped me along the way, given me a chance and believed in me. I thank you. I am extremely excited to get back to Western Illinois University in two weeks for my final year, and cannot wait to see what the future has in store.


Jared  Lamle

On the Road Again!

From Louisville, to dealer visits and the Michigan Livestock Exposition, I’ve been on the road either seeing livestock or going to livestock shows every day; and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I’ve been busy, but enjoyed every absolute moment of it.

The NJSS is a fantastic show, and a great time. I took off from the office on Monday morning with the Lindner United booth and a donation grill for the NJSA, from Lindner United and JBS United, in tow. This grill that was hauled down was an awfully impressive rig. Complete with a smoker, grill, a pair of burners and even a YETI! Special thank you goes to the Danner Family for their purchase of this incredible item, and thank you for supporting this great youth program. Throughout the entire week there was a ton of traffic through the booth with a ton of curiosity. I enjoyed having the opportunity to talk with so many customers and potential customers that had several questions and suggestions to see how Lindner United can be better for them. Thank you to the NSR and NJSA for putting on yet another great event for the youth and putting in the endless time and effort for junior members, customers, and most importantly, our future. Congratulations to our customers that found success over this week, and thank you for making #TeamLindner look great.

IMG_0087                                                 IMG_0088

From Louisville, I headed back to the office for a day before hitting the road to Ohio with account manager Jordan Leatherman. We spent the day at Lindner United dealer Brent Carity touring the countryside and viewing customer’s hogs that are on Lindner United feeds. The next day, I had the opportunity to do my first solo dealer visit at Salamonie Mills, Inc. Throughout the day we drove around and checked out several hogs that were getting prepped for their county fairs this week and this upcoming week. They were certainly impressive, and I look forward to hearing some success from these customers!

Friday I headed up to the Michigan Livestock Expo for the weekend. I have never had the opportunity to go to this event before, and it was an extremely good time with even better quality livestock. Again, I want to congratulate the families and junior exhibitors that found success throughout the week.


This past week I spent a couple of days at my County fair in Whitley County, Indiana. I was very fortunate to work with some families this summer that found a ton of success and had a great week at the fair. Thank you to you, and lets keep that momentum rolling.  After a couple days back in the office making dealer calls to see how we are doing for our customers, its time for the weekend and time to start prepping livestock for the state fairs.

Make sure to submit your champions and awards received so we can get you hooked up with some Lindner United apparel and showcase you on our website and Facebook page. use the link below to do so and keep making LU proud and building the LU brand!

Thanks for reading up on my travels, and stayed tuned for more stories in the upcoming weeks!

Jared Lamle


From the Peaks to the Prairies

Over the past two weeks, I have had the awesome opportunity to travel halfway across the country to not only see high quality show hogs, but more importantly, meet some high quality people.

Two weeks ago I headed to Indianapolis to hop on an airplane to Denver. Once I landed, I met up with account manager Kade Hummel. We would then spend the next three days traveling up and down, back and forth, all around the entire east side of Colorado viewing Lindner United customer’s swine operations and projects.

It truly was an eye opening experience. Being from the Midwest, the most of Colorado that I’ve seen is around the Denver area in the wintertime for NWSS. For this excursion around the Peaks with Kade, we went clear to the Southeast corner of Colorado, and it was about 100 degrees rather than the 40 degrees I had experienced in the wintertime.

Our first stop was at Hamilton Showpigs in  Model, Colorado. We viewed their entire set that they had been campaigning competitively on the jackpot circuit in Colorado, then to smaller hogs on chips, and we even had the opportunity to view their sow herd that has been so influential and successful for them. We then sat down with the family and spoke about how our products have been working for them and how we at Lindner United can do to better serve customer’s needs and wants in their area.

From there, Kade and I headed back towards Denver, and that was an adventure in its own right. Does anybody know how many hotels there are from 30 miles south of Denver to even past Fort Collins? Neither do we, but could you imagine that they were all booked? After a let down in Fort Collins and with the nifty work of Kade’s James Bond car, we finally found a hotel room at 3am in a Motel 9. Never heard of it? Yeah, we hadn’t either, but it was a bed and a shower and a good enough place to call it a day.

Day number two started off great as we met up with Lindner United dealer Brittany Bangert at her and her family’s operation, Peaks to Prairie Showpigs. Throughout the course of the day, we viewed 67  project hogs that were on our feed products and met with some very hard working families that are willing to listen and do what is needed to make their hogs successful. That in its own right is what makes this job so fun and enjoyable.


Our final day in Colorado we made two more stops at customer’s homes before heading to the airport for my departure back to Indiana, and Kade’s long drive back to his home in Kansas.

On Monday I loaded back up and headed to Springfield, Illinois for the Team Purebred Summer Type Conference where I would spend the next week in the Prairieland. Throughout this last week, I spoke with several customers that were ecstatic about how the Lindner United products are working for them and their projects.  As the heat and humidity  up throughout the week, so did the  quality of the hogs and the competitiveness in the show ring. A big congratulations goes out to all of our customers that found success, and thank you for utilizing and believing in our products!

19424178_1374989932596612_1567479078343369689_n                                                          19429903_1376592545769684_1817523053402704948_n

Next week be sure to find us at Louisville for the National Junior Summer Spectacular and stop in at the booth for any feed questions you may have and even some goodies! Good luck to all exhibitors, and safe travels to those making their way to Louisville in this upcoming week.

Thanks again for taking the time to read up about this portion of my summer internship, and I eagerly look forward to the upcoming week in Louisville.

Jared Lamle

Busy, an Understatement.

Wow, what a whirlwind the past two weeks have been! From spending a week at the World Pork Expo, to traveling on the road making dealer and farm visits, busy sure has been an understatement!

Two weeks ago, like so many others, I loaded up and headed to Des Moines for expo. As soon as I stepped out of my truck, in World Pork Expo fashion, I was immediately hit by the dense heat and humidity. But would it really be expo if it was cold?


I never truly knew how much time and effort went into the preparations for an event like this, to make it go successfully.  After setting up the tent on Sunday evening, I was confident that it would be a very good week where the Lindner Team would be able to meet so many customers and hopefully bring in new customers as well! The tent was very busy throughout the week with several questions about the Lindner products for new customers, as well as t-shirt , bucket and even ice cream give aways. Thank you to everyone that stopped by the NEW Lindner location outside the swine barn, and I look forward to hearing from many of you in the future, and the success that you will have utilizing Lindner products.

FullSizeRender2                                                                 FullSizeRender1

I also want to congratulate all exhibitors on a successful week, and remind you to upload your success and backdrop photos that you may have onto our website. Please do this so we can showcase your success, and send you additional rewards!

After expo, I traveled back to Indiana for a quick recuperation day before getting back after it for the work week. I met up with account manager Jordan Leatherman at Jake’s Feed in Valparaiso, Indiana. From there Joe and Christina Blackford took us around to 17 different customer’s farms to view their hogs, and give them feeding suggestions to better their project’s performance. After being chased by the pop up showers all day, at our final stop, they finally caught up with us. Even though we were slightly dampened by the rain, the things that I learned throughout the day certainly made up for it! Thank you to Jordan for showing me some of the ropes, and thank you to Joe and Christina for taking us to these customer’s homes.


From there I hopped in my truck and headed to Taylor, Missouri to make a stop at the Heimer Hampshires establishment to see how Lindner United products are working for them. After touring around the operation, I was extremely impressed with the quality that is represented. Top to bottom, baby pigs to boars, truly was a great time. My favorite part of my visit was viewing the females that will be in the upcoming “The ones that Built The Brand, proven sow sale”. When I was asked, “What bred sows do you like?” my only response was, “Which ones don’t I like?!” I highly recommend viewing these elite female and sires in this offering. Again, a huge thank you to Jesse and the HH crew for the hospitality and for showing me around, I truly appreciate it!


This next week I will be heading to Colorado to meet up with account manager Kade Hummel and making dealer and farm visits with him in the area. I am very excited about this opportunity to further my Lindner product knowledge, and make new connections along the way. Again as always, I thank you for taking the time to read this and look forward to the upcoming weeks at Lindner United!

Jared Lamle

On the Road with Ty

After the long weekend, I traveled to the familiar land of Illinois to meet up with  one of Lindner Account Manager’s, Ty Engnell.  On Tuesday, we met with the folks at Bellflower Feed Mill in Central Illinois to see how our products were performing for them and how sales were going. The reports we received back were very good and we are hoping that they increase the amount of LU product they can and  move in the future! It truly is interesting to meet with the dealers and take in their perception of business, hogs and even the swine industry as a whole. We then viewed customer’s hogs in the area and gave them feed evaluations,  as they prepare for their county fairs. We also made a stop in Gridley, Illinois at a JBS United Production Plant where I had the opportunity to meet the Team that keeps the wheels turning at that location.

On Wednesday, Ty and I hopped in the truck to head north to the unfamiliar state to me,  of Wisconsin. We met up with another dealer,  Mr.  John Henrichs .  He took us to meet up with some of his customers in the area. In our first day, we viewed over 75 hogs which were all on Lindner United feeds and they all looked  very impressive! I enjoyed being able to listen to Ty’s feeding advice for those customers and how they can utilize the various  Lindner United products to better the hogs they have on feed.  He even included me in on some discussion and asked for my suggestions of what to change for rations.  I truly enjoyed having the opportunity to give my input and appreciated  the chance to do so!


After a quick stay at the Super 8 in Darlington, we got back in the truck for day two of our tour in the Dairyland  State and then to work our way back south into Illinois. We met with the crew at Darlington Feed and Ag Center and viewed hogs at customer’s homes where Ty created new rations for hogs.  We had the opportunity to see some very nice facilities! We then headed back towards Illinois and met up with distributor Joel Vandemore and his daughter, Emma.  We again viewed hogs from customers that purchased feed from their location in Geneseo and I was very impressed with the caliber of swine that are in the area that will be going to the Local,  State,  and National levels of  competition!

I can’t thank Ty enough for the opportunity to go with him on this trip and pick his brain on feeding strategies. Also, a huge thank you to the dealers and customers in the areas we visited for the great hospitality they gave to both us, – I wish you the best of luck to you all in the future!

We take off for the World Pork Expo on Sunday and I personally can’t wait for this Event! Make sure to stop by our Booth throughout the week for goodies and view our Facebook page for upcoming events that will be going on throughout the week! If you want, maybe even meet the Intern!

Thanks again for taking the time to read through this and I look forward to seeing everyone at the Expo!

Jared Lamle

My Internship : The Guinea Pig Trial

Here it is guys…My first EVER blog post – so bare with me…I promise they will get better throughout the course of the summer! Additionally, I’m the first EVER Lindner United Intern, and this is my first EVER summer internship, so its essentially the guinea pig trial! I started my Summer Internship with Lindner United, in Sheridan, Indiana this last Wednesday. I certainly have enjoyed my time so far and I have had the unique opportunity to meet so many great people. Real quick, some people who have made this start so pleasant. I am very thankful for the Lindner United team and how welcoming and supportive that they have been in getting me set up and rolling and CANNOT wait too experience the knowledge and relationships that can be made over the next two months. To my Family. Thank you to my dad and mom,  Tim and Annette and my brother, Cody. You guys have always pushed me to my maximum potential and given me the encouragement and tools needed to be successful. To the Newell Family; you have taken me in at your home for the summer – just like one of your own and I have truly enjoyed my time with you! I also want to thank all the friends, family, and mentors who have supported me over the years…you’ve all made me who I am today and words will never be enough, to truly show my gratitude.

Over my first two weeks, I have had the incredible opportunity to meet with some great industry leaders and professionals at JBS United. I have been given the chances to experience from top to bottom, every step of the process it takes…to get customers their product, and I have a gained a whole new respect for the extremely influential role that each and every one of them play in the final product. At the same time, the Lindner United Team and myself have been hard at work putting the final touches on the preparations for the World Pork Expo activities and displays, and trust me – you’re going to need to stop at the booth to see what all we have to offer!

In the upcoming week, I will be hitting the road with Account Manager, Ty Engnell! I’m sure my mind will be spinning like a guinea pig’s exercise wheel, with all the knowledge Ty has to offer! We will be visiting with various distributors, dealers, and customers in Illinois and Wisconsin to see how Lindner United products are working for them,  and to see how we can better serve our customers. In the week following, the LU team will be headed to Des Moines, Iowa for the 2017 World Pork Expo! We truly are excited for this first class event and cannot wait to see so many friends and customers. And hopefully we make contact with new customers at our booth to see how we can help them with their projects.

Thank you for taking time to read through this! I hope that everyone has a safe and fun Memorial Day Holiday weekend, as we remember those who have sacrificed it all for our freedom!

Jared Lamle

DSC_1187 (1)

Lindner United Internship Program

Lindner United is looking for a sophomore or junior who is a highly motivated individual with a desire to participate in sales and marketing training and expand their knowledge while working alongside the Lindner United Show Feed team in Sheridan, Indiana during the summer of 2017, with a career intention of working in a swine related profession. […]

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