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“We've used a lot of Lindner 684 in our program depending on the hog, being able to keep one with enough flesh and condition to run the jackpot shows and into the end point it has been a great product for us!”
Baxter Howell
“Really like the 680 series for ease of use. Advantages include adding depth and dimension to gilts that are a little harder bodied. ”
Karl Peter
“Consumption rate is tremendous, growth rate has been good for us, and it gets them off to a really good start, and enables us to get pigs ready to sell at 6-8 weeks in order to perform for our customers.”
Ben Moyer
“Really have liked the consumption and driven appetite. Haven’t seen a feed where they consume and want to eat as much as we have seen with 688. ”
Shane Brinning
“There are a bunch of choices out there for feeds but you have to feed something that works, Lindner United is the feed that gets it done from weaning to taking pictures at the backdrop!”
Travis Platt
“Lifesaver, to us, is a show day, electrolyte supplement that really puts body and fill in one to give them that extra edge and show day look. We also use it in daily feeding to help increase appetite. ”
Alan Hoffman
“TNT enhances rib shape, flank, and body. Palatability in this top dress really makes hogs go to it.”
Matt Miller
“I constantly get asked what we do at Team Sloan to get our hogs ready to sell. I always tell people it is very simple, fresh wood shavings and 612. No question, this is the best starter I have used to get babies bloomy without giving them a hard look. ”
Troy Sloan
“684 is the absolute best finishing feed I have found for hogs that need to be softened up while maintaining adequate muscle shape and continuing to grow. Consumption on this particular feed is second to none, especially when fed wet, and in today's show ring that's an absolute must! ”
Troy Sloan

Congratulations Exhibitors!

Congratulations to all exhibitors and families on their success this summer at the World Pork Expo, the CPS Summer Show, and the NSR Summer Show! Be sure to check out for a complete list of winners!

Best of luck to all Lindner United customers at their upcoming county and state fairs! 

REWARDS PROGRAM: Just a reminder – To claim your exhibitor reward, review eligibility guidelines, and submit your winner photo, visit 

Grand Champion NJSA Gilt & Champion Yorkshire, 2014 World Pork Expo - Dylan McCafferty   3rd Overall Team Purebred Gilt & Reserve Champion Berkshire, 2014 World Pork Expo - Stephen Gentry  4th Overall Purebred Barrow & Champion Yorkshire 2014 World Pork Expo- DJ Bauer   Grand Champion Overall Gilt & Champion Chester White, 2014 CPS Summer Show - Ty Jester   Reserve Grand Champion Gilt & Champion Poland China, 2014 CPS Summer Show - Beau Middleton   3rd Overall Gilt & Champion Berkshire, 2014 CPS Summer Show - Thomas Trout     Reserve Champion Overall Gilt & Champion Duroc, 2014 NJSA Summer Show - Austin Rodenbeck   4th Overall Gilt & Reserve Champion Yorkshire, 2014 NJSA Summer Show - Cole Wilcox



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